Hi there, welcome to my portefolio! There are tea and cookies on the table, please enjoy your stay.

Good afternoon, day or night, depending on where you are in the world. My name is dina norlund and I am an illustrator and character designer currently based in the uk. Most of my career has been focused on design, so when I do create illustrations I apply all the problem solving and designing that I have learned as a concept artist. I'm inspired by nature, magic and kids' imagination. I often draw on stories from my own childhood memories when creating my projects and books!

I work primarily in Photoshop CS on a 13" wacom cintiq. But I also enjoy experimenting with pencil, pen and watercolor. If you wish to see my process in more detail visit my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/dinanorlund

My work is suited primarily for illustration (both editorial and other,) Children's books and concept art for stylized projects.

Please feel free to contact me about exciting work opportunities! Big and small projects alike are very welcome.


My resume: Download Here


Growing up is not the problem,
forgetting is.
— The little prince (2015)


My resume: Download Here

If you have any questions or work enquieries please contact me through email:



Lego, Studio 78, Warbears, Salaby (Gyldendal), + more



Diploma in Industrial Design (FZD) , Secondary education with art.